Description: Uplifting full band piece with positive, celebratory feel.

Description: Uplifting, feel-good track with happy, positive feel. Great for presentation, commercial and children's use.

Description: Inspiring, motivating modern Pop track with solid groove, strings and catchy synths. Great for commercial advertising, or anything needing an inspirational piece.

Description: Uplifting track with happy go lucky celebratory feel. Driving drums, guitar and catchy synths.

Description: Uplifting, motivating track, gradually building throughout into big finale. Great for advertising and corporate use. Solid beat and catchy musical orchestration.

Description: Light easy-listening track with piano, flowing strings and oboe, building into chorus section with drums and bass. Loving, emotional feel.

Description: Emotional, inspiring piece with piano and strings. Very elegant and passionate atmosphere.

Description: Very groovy Funk track with classy old school feel.

Description: Quirky, spacious ambient electronic piece - great for background music.

Description: Emotional and inspiring piece with piano and strings. Gradually building throughout...

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