Description: this guitar based instrumental is a slow bluesy groove with a distinct melody.

Description: a 60 second instrumental guitar track with funky drums and a quirky lead guitar. upbeat and fun.

Description: afternoon funk is a funky drum groove with a snappy bass, clean rhythm guitars, and tasteful lead guitar work.

Description: an instrumental acoustic guitar track that's bright and positive, it's a perfect mood setter.

Description: this is a big, upbeat, positive instrumental track.

Description: layered acoustic guitars and bass, this instrumental piece is quiet and mellow. it has a happy melody with a somber counter melody.

Description: it's a mood piece, like the title says it's like driving fast down the highway late on a hot summer night.

Description: this is an easy groove instrumental featuring jazzy guitar chords and lead lines.

Description: a quiet instrumental with acoustic guitars and bass and a keyboard pad in back. it's mellow and easygoing.

Description: a 60 second version of sleek and sneaky. electric guitars, bass and drums, this instrumental is a slow funky groove.

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