Description: An electronic track that uses a funky drum beat to accompany a moody bass line, string chords with tremolo and two synth melodies. Gives the sense of driving along a road in a car, feeling in control. C minor, 100 bpm.

Description: A retro-sounding track that uses gated drums and synthesized chords, bass line and riffs, to create a light yet tense feel with hope and determination. 100 bpm, C minor.

Description: A simple track that uses the lower sound of the synthesiser to create a melody that fits with an urban drumbeat, creating a proud, determined dance-like mood. 120 bpm, C minor.

Description: A dark synthesized track with a hopeful chorus section. A strong use of melody, harmony and rhythm add complexity to a minimal track, which originally included vocals. 100 bpm, C minor.

Description: A calming and positive track featuring harp, electric bass, electric keyboard and an african choir singing major chords. Gives the sense of trust and helping one another. C Major, 120 bpm.

Description: A happy retro 80s track that uses drums, bass and synths to create a positive and confident mood with a dance, party groove. 125 bpm, Eb Major.

Description: Using a blend of keyboard and guitar, positive chords drive this song with the use of drums and synth arpeggios, creating a groovy and retro-esque sound that is filled with motivation. 99 bpm, G Major.

Description: A drumbeat-heavy house track mixed with synth chords and bass guitar to create a positive, smooth yet purposefully confident mood. 120 bpm, Eb Major.

Description: A funky dance track that takes inspiration from the late 90s, using piano chords and drums to create a groovy rhythm with a simple, recorded saxophone riff over the top. 130 bpm, D minor.

Description: A mellow track that uses bass, guitar, electric organ, drums and percussion in different arrangements to create a casual, funky, 'strolling down the sidewalk' feel. 100 bpm, G minor, F Major, C Major.