Description: A happy retro 80s track that uses drums, bass and synths to create a positive and confident mood with a dance, party groove. 125 bpm, Eb Major.

Description: Using a blend of keyboard and guitar, positive chords drive this song with the use of drums and synth arpeggios, creating a groovy and retro-esque sound that is filled with motivation. 99 bpm, G Major.

Description: A drumbeat-heavy house track mixed with synth chords and bass guitar to create a positive, smooth yet purposefully confident mood. 120 bpm, Eb Major.

Description: A funky dance track that takes inspiration from the late 90s, using piano chords and drums to create a groovy rhythm with a simple, recorded saxophone riff over the top. 130 bpm, D minor.

Description: A mellow track that uses bass, guitar, electric organ, drums and percussion in different arrangements to create a casual, funky, 'strolling down the sidewalk' feel. 100 bpm, G minor, F Major, C Major.

Description: Mellow romantic music track. Beautiful piano melody that evokes feelings of love and tenderness, affection and care. The composition can be used in a love story, wedding video, romantic movie scene, melodrama. It will work just as good in nostalgic and sentimental project, inspirational spring video.

Description: This disturbing og ominous trailer track features hard hitting percussion and gritty synths. Perfect for use in product videos, promotional material, presentations, broadcast, movies, vlogs, games, events and more.

Description: Spiritual adventures for discovery and traveling through inner quests of fulfillment of time and space. A flight though the conscience mind. Electronic ambient chill out with transcendental bells and chimes. Futuristic chill out groove with congas and light percussion. 120bpm

Description: Emotive acoustic guitar playing soft, gentle chords which convey a sense of reflection and melancholy. The simple power and beauty of this piece will give your project a strong emotional resonance.

Description: The mood of the track is uplifting, inspiring and Triumphant. Used instruments: powerful hits, piano, staccato violins, Urban drums, horns and synth bass. This track is perfect for a cinematic trailer, movie, video games, openers, endings, discovery video, travel projects, sports event, tv shows, sports, news, adventure, documentary, cinema, epic commercials, adventure films, cinematic slideshow, presentation, advertising, games, youtube and other projects.