Description: Sound track for movies and TV shows and commercials with heist themes. Intriguing drums in a percussion based backdrop and mystical synths and brass themes knit together with a deep bassline.

Description: Racy and powerful guitar based trance music.Inspiring and energetic. Clean synths and arpeggios

Description: Uplifting techno trance with chillout elements. Xylophone and marimba filled percusssion and beats. Cool lead synth with a touch of romance and youth

Description: Percussion based soundtrack with middle eastern flavor and belly-dance undertones.Gyratory, dynamic sounds of congo,claves, guiro, bongo and tabla and electronica.

Description: Mystery packed slow tempo high energy dubstep mix with sliced beats, sensual vocoder and synth work

Description: Funky, bold and carefree disco pop with xylophone synths and wavy synths and deep pulsating bassline.

Description: Sweet ambient soundscape with mallets and rain drops and adorable picollo, electric piano sound and ambient sounds. Best for projects targeted at children

Description: Jazzy vintage guitars, electric pianos, brass and a dash of slow tempo swing with sweet female vocals makes one tap to the beats. A journey back to the good old times.

Description: Uplifiting chillout music bring in the first rays of the morning sun. electric piano and mellow piano layers set up the mood. To be enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee

Description: Epic, powerful, dramatic and uplifting cello and drums with deep contemplative guitars and orgasmic soundscape