Description: Specialty, Show Theme, Retro, Ska, Horns, Peppy, Travel, Vacation, fun, happy, celebration

Description: Intense and mysterious beginning, goes to a freestyle groovy funky jazz ending.

Description: This is a powerful, hard-hitting and motivating trailer track that is great for intros, teasers, technology reviews and fast or medium paced inspiring visuals. Jam-packed with funky riffs, ambient guitars, a strong piano chord sequence and driving breakbeats, this track is ideal for extreme sports, product reviews, service explainer videos, dance visuals and even YouTube intros. Upbeat, exciting and energetic, this track will transform your production from mediocre to mediotastic.

Description: Retro funk theme with fender rhodes, brass and funk guitar

Description: Short Loop with hiphop elements.

Description: Energetic, happy, joyful, upbeat, bouncy, vintage, bluesy, rhythmic, 1970s, groovy, lively, uplifting, strutting, funky, greasy, driving, rousing, busy, cheerful, confident, b festive, optimistic, positive, sexy, southern, travel

Description: Battle preparations or ongoing conflict. War, imminent threat, marching for battle. Heavy orchestral, dark and loud war drums. Edgy evil cello. Mighty horns, dramatic crescendo-like phrases. A gothic mood of darkness. Gladiator, Conan, Dragon Age, Diablo, The movie

Description: Big bombastic orchestral with powerful heroic feeling. Patriotism and brave deeds, ending with final triumph and eternal glory. Variants: 2:01 / 1:30 No Mid Part / 1:20 Loop / 1:14 No Intro / 1:00 / 0:33 / 25s Happy Ending / 0:17 Triumphant Trumpet / 0:15 Intro or Ending

Description: Raw and brutal tension, building up over time to hectic and intense action, culminating in a fat powerful riser with final confrontational impact. The style is a mix of dramatic thrilling orchestral strings, cruel aggressive heavy metal guitars. A dark, hectic and forceful beat supports with mighty bombastic trailer effects. Variants: 1:14 [Normal/No Ticking] / 1:00 / 0:30 [Normal/No Ticking] / 0:09 / 0:05

Description: A ticking and sneaky start with an ominous threatening rhythm accelerates into cinematic suspenseful strings, giving a thrilling and adventurous feeling of expectations. Get ready for full action! Great as dramatic trailer for a new cool game, film or TV series, or teaser for epic exciting sports competitions. Variants: 0:51 / 0:31 / 0:17 / 0:10