Description: Rousing orchestral theme for orchestra-- one of my top royalty-free sellers. This piece uses pop-orchestral elements, guitars, and epic percussion to tell a hopeful, inspirational story. With multiple builds throughout, this piece works amazingly well in ads, videos, and other media.

Description: Dramatic, exciting, and suspenseful chase music featuring pulse-pounding percussion and orchestra. Written in the film style, this chase music is perfect for projects that need high-quality, hollywood-style action score. Works great as fight/battle music in games/interactive projects, and has a big, dramatic ending if you need a solid, exciting conclusion.

Description: Beautiful epic trailer written in the fantasy genre-- featuring epic rhythms, beautiful melodies, and a huge dramatic ending. With ample use of string runs, piano melodies, and enormous, soaring brass parts, this piece is sure to get your audience excited about your project. Great for projects that need to feel magical, epic, and inspirational.

Description: Happy, upbeat motivational orchestral track. Builds from simple piano idea into big orchestral statement, then gradually fades to a strong ending. Bouncy, bright strings and gorgeous piano elevate this track, and the explosion of joy that forms the big climax is sure to lift your spirits too.

Description: Solo piano track written in the modern style that works perfectly in promotional material. Builds on an elegant and beautiful piano theme that works great as subtle underscore. At exactly 90 seconds, this piece can be dropped directly into your project without editing, but has multiple opportunities for fade in/fade out if your project is shorter.

Description: Epic, hopeful track for trailers and other promotional material. Written for full orchestra, this piece features pulse-pounding percussion, communicating an epic, yet hopeful vibe. Perfect for any project that needs to inspire the audience and communicate a feeling of triumph over danger and hopelessness.

Description: Epic music designed for trailers and other promotional materials in the style of Hans Zimmer. Featuring full orchestra mixed with electronics, this loud and cinematic piece is perfect for trailers of heroic proportions. With a loud, pulse-pounding ending built on a triumphant theme, this piece will give your project that extra adrenaline it needs.

Description: Dramatic orchestral piece suitable for promotional material or trailers. Features heavy rock percussion using acoustic drumkit and a suddenly quiet, electronically filtered piano solo that transitions to an epic, fully orchestral statement of a hopeful, triumphant theme.

Description: Highly motivational and positive track for orchestra, guitars, and percussion that communicates an uplifting spirit and a happy vibe. Perfect for promotional advertisements, corporate sales pitches, or any other project that needs to project a feeling of happy confidence. Written in two sections, this piece gives you and your editors flexibility to fade in/out at will, or, if you need a solid ending, one is provided.

Description: Simple and emotional theme for piano. Created from high quality samples mimicing a Bosenderfor piano, one of the most beautiful instruments in the world.

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