Description: Oh boy! It's another ukulele commercial with the little bell thingies.. (glockenspiel). It's happy and upbeat! It will make you smile and want to buy stuff! Will it end up on a corporate video, or a children montage? Who knows? There are lots of these tracks - but this one is made with love.

Description: Lighthearted and bouncy rhythms make “Happy Go Lucky” a simple, but childishly fun track. Great for commercials or a family walk together.

Description: Fun and upbeat, this is a short acoustic guitar based cue designed to be laid under credits of a film. It is light and happy and will lend itself well to a brief comedy montage or slideshow.

Description: A super fun ‘wake up’ tune to energize your Summer morning.

Description: A fun, upbeat, track with a whimsical Summer feel – perfect for a beach montage.