Description: Elegant rendition of Tchaikovsky's classic Christmas music, from the Nutcracker's Suite. A simple enchanting magical classical melody, great for Christmas and holiday parties, warm family, children dancing, opening gifts, playing with toys. Mischievous, playful quirky waltz. Special, much beloved

Description: Adele inspired music cue, great for commercial and advertising, will suit so many product presentation uses. Warm and trustworthy, integrity for a product you can trust. Sounds like Adele 'Someone Like You' so has a touch of familiarity to the intro that is easy on the listener.

Description: Happy and upbeat Ukulele cue with hand claps and piano, simple, repetitive melody that stays with you. Bouncy and vibrant great for commercials and advertising music beds. Will sit well with a voice-over.

Description: Booker T/Green Onions style track. 70s groove and beats, great cue for commercial underscore, stylish, groovy, sleek. Uplifting and lighthearted.

Description: Sweet and innocent, playful music, great for any childrens or family product. The cue has a wholesome vibe and will work well as a music bed for voiceover.

Description: Progressive rock guitars, electro synths with a great upbeat melody that will stay with you, perfect for advertising and commercial and will work well as a promo to introduce a product.

Description: Quite simply, a truly delightful, uplifting, bouncy track. Great for a feel good vibe, that will suit corporate and advertising as well as children's media and products. Features an upright piano with a metal glock with a bouncy melody that will make you smile! With three different versions of the track to choose from, I am sure you will find a music bed that will suit your media!

Description: Happy ukulele cue, great underscore for web ad commercial or corporate promos, will work as a music bed for children’s multimedia and products as has a light hearted, simple feel good vibe.

Description: Beautiful melodic ukulele music cue with warm gentle strings, perfect for use in advertising, has a very wholesome vibe and will be well suited to family products.

Description: Original and inventive dubstep style track, enigmatic piano break provides a cinematic element whilst staying with a dubstep beat and effects. Fresh sounding underscore with a driving force that is very original.

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