Description: Fun and trendy pop/rock track leaning towards a younger audience. Its happy and energetic enthusiasm is contagious and very fitting for advertising or commercials for younger crowds. The choirs make the track come alive and the overall positive attitude and optimistic vibe makes this perfect for happiness! The track is also loopable: just drag and drop, then fade out whenever you want

Description: Dark build up then solid grooves. Ideal for extreme sport music bed or chilled out images with animation.

Description: A very happy and positive song with a relaxed feeling to it, all is well and life is running smoothly. Melody both whistling and acoustic guitar.

Description: Simple joyful emotional and motivational track. The moment of truth, the moment of love, a moment of happiness. In this music, no complex elements. It's simple and delicious. A few chords with every conduct are played in different arrangements. Track is easy to wrap around and continue. Perfect for any media projects, television, radio, cinema, internet projects, presentations and more.

Description: Light Guitar with bright piano and percussion

Description: background music suitable for tv/film use.

Description: background music suitable for tv/film use.

Description: Smooth Jazz Trio piece with cool and soothing sounds

Description: "Positive Ukulele and Happy Party" is a positive and motivational business / corporate track. This uplifting corporate track give you give you feeling of business success, productivity, sales and growth. It's ideal for all corporate media! It's great for videos, animations, films and podcasts! A lot of good vibes and funky ukulele!

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