Description: 15 second mix of synthesizers, piano, and percussion play repetitive motifs suggestive of investigative reporting. suggested for news theme.

Description: still running is a fat electronic beat with a driving bass line and some powerful synthesizer chords.

Description: Suspense underscore building up to climax in 30 seconds with ethnic sounds.

Description: Pounding beats,moody soundscapes,suspense,sudden stop.

Description: An easy going instrumental track that's fun and upbeat. A perfect background track for positive visuals.

Description: Super Chilled class Instumental, ideal for car advert. Atmospheric with driving drums.

Description: Crunch guitar strumming with slow walking bass & oboe accent

Description: modern commercials

Description: For commercial spot. From knives to kitchenaids, from travelling agencies to gymnastic tools. Also excellent for radio jingle or advertising presentations.