Description: a simplified dance tune with a smooth bass line and driving percussion

Description: A cool smooth lite uptempo teaser .

Description: A Latin influenced party starter , crowd cheering piano and percussion oriented .

Description: Trap Awe Dance Instrumental is a trap vs dance pop house mix featuring piano edm riffs and drops into big pad trap sections

Description: Trap Awe Dance Mix 40 sec is a trap and dance house blend featuring house piano riffs into trap big pads and sub bass with sultry female vocals expressing feelings of awe..

Description: Awe Dance Mix 40s is a 40 second dance pop electronic house driven track with inspiring female sensual vocals singing in awe.

Description: Beautiful string melodies and piano riffs with sensual female background vocals in total awe in drop mode with no drums.

Description: 06-40sec Awe Drop Climax Dance Mix is a house,pop,edm piano driven production with tender female vocals expressing deep feelings of awe.

Description: 05-30 sec Instrumental Awe Dance Mix is a piano driven dance pop dance track with tender string and violin melodies over uplifting beats.

Description: 04-30sec Ultimate Awe Climax Dance Mix is a piano driven house track with female backgrounds singing inspiring words of Awe along with beautiful strings and an uplifting beat.

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