Description: Big, bold and brassy showbiz theme, full of glitz and glamour, ideal for live shows in theatres or TV. Full package of parts including openers with bed for voiceover, closer and stings.

Description: “End of story” – Swing rhythm accompanied by clarinet, brass and piano. Gives a sense of – the end of the process / Good Bye / etc …

Description: Texas Swing, Jazz, Up tempo, swinging, specialty

Description: This actual dance song shines in a pop and classical way with a old squashed upright piano in a bolero feeling.Good to dance to and to party. Great for any project where you need both a vintage flair and a modern sytle. Perfect loopable.

Description: Cool jazz piece with mysterious slueth feel

Description: This song is Western Swing played with piano, ukulele, tuba, and drums. It is true to the genre that was popular in the American 1920s - 1940s.

Description: Laid-back, sophisticated Jazz piece with classy old-time feel.

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