Description: Laid-back, sophisticated Jazz piece with classy old-time feel.

Description: Cool jazz piece with mysterious slueth feel

Description: Uplifting, quirky Jazz piece with full-band arrangement. Comedic, happy-go-lucky feel.

Description: For Film and TV Big jazz band Positive, very groovy jazz piece with drums, Saxopho, piano and trumpet. The cheerful atmosphere suitable for subjects such as talk show or comedy,Old Time Swing,big band 1940s,joyful.

Description: Upbeat rock'n'roll track with guitars, swing drums, piano and brass. Perfect for radio, TV, advertising, video production, background music, fashion show, YouTube channel and more!

Description: Optimistic moving swing jazz track, light and positive. Happy and funny music for cartoon, day time TV presentation, comedy romantic scenes and Youtube challenge.

Description: Fine positive dinamic jazz music for nice lively background.

Description: Positive comedy cinematic acoustic retro jazz music. Playing on the guitar, bass and piano it makes a smile and interest.

Description: Bring back the 30s, or realise they never left with this swinging jazz number. The walking bassline and bright brass recapture the era perfectly.

Description: Need An Injection of Fun in your project? Caravan is an Electro Swing song with Jazz, Swing, funk, and Electro Beats.