Description: medium-tempo, quirky swing/jazz piece with plenty of horns and percussion

Description: Fine positive dinamic jazz music for nice lively background.

Description: A very laid back jazz lounge easy listening vibraphone flute instrumental.Ideal for add,corporate,promo,underscore,possibly theme tune.

Description: Positive comedy cinematic acoustic retro jazz music. Playing on the guitar, bass and piano it makes a smile and interest.

Description: This is a very fast piano swing blues.Starts straight then goes into swing.Ideal for Bar,lounge,pub,club cues Relates to a train journey.Could jitterbug to it.

Description: This is a quick paced and energetic acoustic ukulele (an antique 1930's Richter), swing blues bass, real maraca, cowbell, and hand clapping background track. The walking bass lines are more like running and have more energy than a pack of sugared up preschoolers! It's great for energized dancing excitement such as beach parties, recreational sports, corporate, business, background, travel, fast motion, or any adventurous activity like ocean surfing and water skiing. It is played free style at 116 beats per minute but in reality it's more like 232!

Description: Laid-back jazz track with subtle orchestration

Description: This song is Western Swing played with piano, ukulele, tuba, and drums. It is true to the genre that was popular in the American 1920s - 1940s.

Description: Stonkin' big, upfront, foot tapping, uptempo entertainment theme. Big brass section plus a strong beat. Ideal for TV chat shows, live shows, theatre shows. Main mix, opening titles, closing titles, 60 and 30sec versions

Description: A fast swinging jazz jam session