Description: Jazz, Jazz-Big Band, Historic, Historic-1930'S, Active, Action, Aggressive, Bad, Brash, Brassy, Driving, Excited, Fun, Hi Energy, Urgent, Nostalgic, in a Aggressive mood, featuring Drums, Tom Tom, Piano, Acoustic, with a Fast tempo

Description: Upbeat Jazz piece with piano, acoustic guitar, drums and bass. Happy, carefree feel.

Description: Cool, driving swing, sinister, catchy, old cartoon feel

Description: This bouncy track uses a mixture of jazz and electro swing to create a sense of mischievous warfare. Tension is built using trumpet clusters with a driving drum and double bass rhythm, while a playful tune is performed on the saxophone. 123 bpm, F minor.

Description: Relaxing jazz track with cocktail lounge feel

Description: Electro swing with female vocals.It's very fun and catchy mix of today‘s variety of electronic music with music form the swing era (1920 – 1940). Playful, lively, uplifting dance music, which is perfect for a promotional video, as well as for fashion shows, family videos, movies, cartoons, web sites and more.

Description: Quirky little jazzy track with happy-go-lucky full band orchestration. Great for comedy, commercial, and old-time jazz lounge scenes.

Description: medium-tempo, quirky swing/jazz piece with plenty of horns and percussion

Description: Classy, quirky arrangement of the popular track "The Entertainer". Fun, happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

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