Description: Sometimes you need a track that slows the world down long enough for you to remember all the things you actually like about living.

Description: Gentle voices sing back and forth - a simple lyric, "doot ...doot ....doot ....doot". Brushes slide along the snare drum in a easy medium beat and a mellow Beatle's like keyboard sound plays an even rhythm throughout.

Description: A slow hip hop shuffle with a couple of guitars and a “holy cow” bass line can put pretty much anybody in a good mood. Throw in a “man, I’m feelin’ good today” keyboard melody – mix in some top soil and some premium fertilizer and you may end up with a track pretty close to this one. Don’t forget to treat with herbicide in the spring.

Description: A memorable and clean guitar riff weaves back and forth between 2 simple chords on this uplifting, positive feeling track. The track retains it’s easy going, “heh …you wanna go for a drive?” feel throughout.

Description: Funky, scratchy, groove infected guitar rhythms kick off this upbeat dance track. 35 seconds in, the horn section ramps it up a notch with a simple, clean melody that really snaps. If your clients sit still for this track, chances are you own a funeral home.

Description: After the bass player gets through showing off for a second by laying down the funkiest of the funky bass lines, a persistant guitar rhythm and a kooky little organ melody join in the fun.

Description: When you first come out of a deep sleep – you’re in that pleasant awake / asleep stage where you have the best dreams and you’re pillow feels like a cloud under your head. A seagull flies by with a boombox hanging around his neck and it’s playing this mellow, snooze like track.