Description: This is a fun instrumental tune, featuring ukulele, marimba, upright bass, drums, and bells. It is a little bit country and a little bit tropical. The mood of this song is optimistic and playful. Available as a full version, seamless loop, and 30 and 60 second cuts.

Description: House, dance, disco, funk, post disco, electro, electro house, synth pop, funky house, DJ,nightclub, Ibiza, exciting, energy, dancing, youth, teen, dance floor, pumped, joyful, happy, corporate,presentation, commercials, adverts, background music,

Description: This is the full Guitar version of my track: Time To relax. Relaxed, simple and easy listening describe well the mood and sound of the track. Be sure to also check the other versions with Piano and Ukulele!

Description: Laid back acoustic guitars, bass, organ and percussion play A/B arrangement with bridge, suggested for leisurely holiday scenes, vacation montages, restful images, holiday poolside settings, coffee shops, light dinner music, underscoring of narration, public service announcements. Key of E, 108 beats/min

Description: Short commercials , quiet music christmas themed

Description: A light track featuring a soft flute and orchestra. Very gentle and serene. 60 seconds long

Description: Don't carry what no longer serves you. Piano and nothing else!

Description: This is the 30 seconds version of Happy Day: A very positive track to cheer you up and to celebrate. Perfect for good mood projects.

Description: Funky, scratchy, groove infected guitar rhythms kick off this upbeat dance track. 35 seconds in, the horn section ramps it up a notch with a simple, clean melody that really snaps. If your clients sit still for this track, chances are you own a funeral home.

Description: Driving modern pop. Electro beats with guitars and bass. Motivating.