Description: Spanish Flavour Latin Flamenco Style Uptempo track

Description: Watch her play, love her laughter, dry her tears, hold her hand, hear her dreams, dance with her....and call her princess. Piano and nothing else!

Description: A pulsing dramatic orchestra, mysterious, modern & sophisticated. The pizzicato strings are dangerous, dynamic & careful. The ethereal piano is anxious, forboding & intelligent. The clarinet melody is moody, hypnotic & dark. The electronic drums are urgent urban & textural. Light, clever & classy.

Description: Pop/rock Christmas Instrumental Music

Description: Watching the raindrops dancing on the pavement from the kitchen window. Piano and nothing else!

Description: Thunderstorm building slowly across the Midwestern plains. Piano and nothing else!

Description: A short spot useful for news show

Description: Spot for breaking news program and weather Forecast