Description: An energetic and powerful track featuring electric guitar. 30 seconds in length

Description: Gritty, driving action and grungy. This funky theme features electric bass, electric guitars and trumpet stabs. Great for action and extreme sports. 60sec, 30sec and 10sec versions

Description: Warm Soft Sexy and quiet short music for Spot and Jingle

Description: Prestigious, urgent and authoritative news and current affairs theme. Features strings, horn section, timps, sequencers over a steady beat. Main theme, logo front, middle extended bed, end logo & rhythm bed.

Description: The last peaceful light of evening, as the sun sets on a life well lived. Piano and nothing else!

Description: An old school new opening for news telecast on TV

Description: Spanish Flavour Latin Flamenco Style Uptempo track

Description: Watch her play, love her laughter, dry her tears, hold her hand, hear her dreams, dance with her....and call her princess. Piano and nothing else!