Description: Modern mexican atmosphere with brass.

Description: Very motivational EDM music, great for sports videos and motivation. Available versions: full track, 1min. edit, and 2 loops.

Description: Inspiring Sport – cinematic dramatic orchestral music. Inspirational epic track with sports energetic melody with orchestra. Powerful, energetic mode – marching into battle or sports victories, brave and heroic. Great for sports or action productions – Olympic Games, competition, epic, thriller, blockbuster. Also for game developers and home video.

Description: A spot track with a world and jazzy taste, ideal for cues, city night impression landscapes. Electric piano, double bass, guitar solo, whistled sound synth, and world feel congas. For film scoring, video, documentaries, theater, presentations, broadcasting and more.

Description: A fun foot-tapping, hand clapping cheerful tune. Great for positive, uplifting moods, ad spots, web presentations, children, Holiday, travel and more. Features acoustic guitar, glock, bouncy drumbeat and hand claps.

Description: Relaxing, Ambient, Contemporany, Romantic, Mistery, Piano, Violin.

Description: The perfect earthy and reassuring underscore for commercials, travel and corporate videos, nature documentaries and for in-store or phone-on-hold use. Acoustic guitars, breathing strings, orchestral colors. Warm and elegant.

Description: Piano in the style of 'Apple' commercials for advertising, technology videos, business videos, short presentations etc.

Description: Strange and short electronic house instrumental music, good as a background for discotheque situations in films and series. Also for reports.

Description: Driving analog synth bass with an uplifting and ethereal chorus, featuring light bell and flute parts in the verse and a strong string section in the chorus. Has a nostalgic and positive vibe.