Description: Pianoforte with pad for a short sequence movement

Description: An intense, uptempo, heart-pumping, exciting instrumental track with new age synth hooks and a driving percussive beat. Works for car commercials, sports instros and outstros, chase scenes and exciting and adrenaline-fueled action scenes.

Description: Drum and bass developed for Nissan that never placed…really progressive commercial spot with really tight low, filtered organs, and a crunchy drum loop that is chopped to bits…SWEET!

Description: Mellow and quiet r'n'bspot with Nature sfx

Description: Short commercials , quiet music christmas themed

Description: Excellent Opening music Theme for any TV series or TV reality show that is dealing with supernatural, ghostly, scary or mysterious matter. Nicely arranged with up to date sound elements. Full of suspense, energy and mystery.

Description: Funny and happy music two step Old Style Christmas Thenmed

Description: Short clip from a commercial television ad featuring ukulele in easy catchy piano riff. Cheerful simple family