Description: Warm, wholesome & uplifting happy acoustic groove with a light rhythmic or mechanical feel. Promotes feeling good, healthy lifestyle, and well-being. Begins with marimba & glockenspiel and builds adding acoustic guitar, pizzicato bass & viola. Composed for radio & TV commercials, adverts & spots. 60,40 & 30sec

Description: Simple & light, happy-go-lucky, rhythmic underscore. Wholesome, caring and full of sunshine & smiles. Great for health, lifestyle & food adverts. Features simple marimba groove that gradually builds adding finger snaps, pizzicato strings, hand claps and celeste. Simple but effective commercials

Description: Choir and ancient instruments for a Mellow and Fairy Tales Athmosphere

Description: Warm and Quiet Music Guitars piano and Percussions

Description: Sport Inspiration - сinematic orchestral music. Inspirational track with sports energetic melody with orchestra. Powerful, energetic mode - marching into battle or sports victories, brave and heroic. Great for sports or action productions - Olympic Games, competition, epic, thriller, blockbuster.

Description: This song is an instrumental folk/bluegrass tune. The mood is cheerful and inspirational. It will work for many purposes, including jingles, film, television, and more.

Description: Very powerful and fast introduction with distorted guitars, bass and drums in the style of power-metal/nu-metal. Perfect to show extreme, speed, power and domination.

Description: Pianoforte with pad for a short sequence movement

Description: An intense, uptempo, heart-pumping, exciting instrumental track with new age synth hooks and a driving percussive beat. Works for car commercials, sports instros and outstros, chase scenes and exciting and adrenaline-fueled action scenes.