Description: Short elegant, inspiring piece with pulsating classical strings, horn and light percussion. Great for stinger/logo/ident. Uplifting, happy with a sense of victory/success/achievement!

Description: Short elegant piece with piano and strings that gradually builds - great for stinger/logo/ident.

Description: A fun foot-tapping, hand clapping cheerful tune. Great for positive, uplifting moods, ad spots, web presentations, children, Holiday, travel and more. Features acoustic guitar, glock, bouncy drumbeat and hand claps.

Description: Ambient track whit electronics effect and acustics instruments, guitar, vibraphone, duble bass, drums and cello. Very nice!!

Description: Relaxing, Ambient, Contemporany, Romantic, Mistery, Piano, Violin.

Description: Instrumental ambient down tempo. Electronics sounds and vibraphone. Whitout beat

Description: This is my newest motivational and positive corporate easy rock 30s logo intro composition for your business projects and holiday time with exciting sound and beautiful light sunny mood, which include different bright instruments – electric guitar, live bass, drums, etc…This track can be used anywhere – as a music, background for websites, in flash games and movies, business video presentations, news, about nature, space etc…Enjoy summer and thanks for purchase!:) Positive rock, advertising, background, bouncy, bright, business, cheerful, 30s, children, commercial, corporate, easy rock, elegant, energetic, excited, festive, frantic, fun, good mood, groovy, happy, holiday, hopeful, inspirational, light, light rock, lite, lite rock, lively, logo, motivational, moving, music, nature, opening, optimistic, peaceful, playful, pop, positive, positive music, rock, smooth, soft rock, successful, travel, tv, uplifting, video game, confident

Description: The perfect earthy and reassuring underscore for commercials, travel and corporate videos, nature documentaries and for in-store or phone-on-hold use. Acoustic guitars, breathing strings, orchestral colors. Warm and elegant.

Description: Piano in the style of 'Apple' commercials for advertising, technology videos, business videos, short presentations etc.

Description: Strange and short electronic house instrumental music, good as a background for discotheque situations in films and series. Also for reports.