Description: 3 dual heavy percussion hits in a row

Description: Happy funny piano jingle intro logo music with magic beautiful effects. It looks good for beginning and start of TV programm and new tutorial lesson on the channel.

Description: Famous Black Car Furious Drive K200 Let s try my music on your projects or films and your productions will be great Crafted with care many possibilities of edition 120 BPM cut on seconds Never boring with endless loops always something new in the music Best quality mastered sound original music by french professional composer

Description: Short, happy and uplifting Pop track with quirky, catchy synths over lively drum groove. Motivating, fun and carefree. Perfect for stinger/logo/ident!

Description: Short elegant, inspiring piece with pulsating classical strings, horn and light percussion. Great for stinger/logo/ident. Uplifting, happy with a sense of victory/success/achievement!

Description: Short elegant piece with piano and strings that gradually builds - great for stinger/logo/ident.

Description: A fun foot-tapping, hand clapping cheerful tune. Great for positive, uplifting moods, ad spots, web presentations, children, Holiday, travel and more. Features acoustic guitar, glock, bouncy drumbeat and hand claps.

Description: Ambient track whit electronics effect and acustics instruments, guitar, vibraphone, duble bass, drums and cello. Very nice!!

Description: Relaxing, Ambient, Contemporany, Romantic, Mistery, Piano, Violin.

Description: Instrumental ambient down tempo. Electronics sounds and vibraphone. Whitout beat