Description: This song is a fun and quirky piano swing tune. Other instruments featured include bells, tuba, and drums. It is perfect for advertisement spots, web videos, or any other project in need of catchy instrumental background music. This track is available as 55, 40, and 30 second cuts, as well as a stinger.

Description: Very playful and cheerful JINGLE with distorted guitars, bass and drums. VERY POSITIVE!!!

Description: Bright and sincere track featuring organic instruments. A decisive, purposeful theme.

Description: Bright, carefree melody featuring ukelele, hand claps and light bells

Description: Solo melancholic piano piece, suggested for underscoring of heartfelt narration, scenes of soul searching, solitude, aftermath of tragedy or loss, disaster relief campaigns. Also for sequences involving waiting on critical results i.e. surgery, jury verdicts. Key of C minor

Description: Flamenco influenced guitar, piano, bass and percussion in laidback arrangement suggested for lounge scenes.

Description: Cheerful Promo 3 is fast, positive and...cheerful :) The track is very upbeat and full of energy, and with a pop / rock feel. It's designed for commercials and positive projects. Check out also the 60 and 30 seconds cuts! Thank you for listening!

Description: Elated, joyful & infectious happy tune that lifts the spirits. Upbeat, very catchy & rhythmic underscore track, that conjures up children playing happily, warm summer sunshine, and the feeling that it's good to be alive. Perfect for health & lifestyle ads, Kids TV & so much more. Various mixes, 60sec & 30sec cuts

Description: This is an uplifting, lively, and joyful feeling electronic chillout track with harpsichord/12 string synth arpeggio guitar, piano, flute, choir, bass, and acoustic drums. It has joyous, embracing, and friendly feelings with flute and choir with bouncy syncopated melodic interaction between the arpeggio rhythmic figures and percussion. All combine and build up to support each other up to a higher dynamic that will raise spirits up and make the visual experience more memorable. 82 bpm

Description: Perky, happy-go-lucky and positive commercial track, with a sunny, carefree feel. Features happy whistling, acoustic guitars, shakers and light percussion which gives the track an unusual ethnic & multicultural feel. Great for wholesome family orientated products. Non-whistling version available.