Description: Fast and jolly, clowns marching parade. All the fun of the fair when the circus comes to town. The bright lights, the vibrant colours, the excitement of the marching style band. Perfect for the clowning antics, fall about and slapstick for film, documentary, commercials or circus performances. 60sec and 30sec, with and without fx

Description: This is a light sounding short Soft Opening Logo for your original introductions, which include soft synths, filter pad and fx's…This intro can be used anywhere – as your logo, in games and video, as a musical background for websites, advertising video, commersials, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying! advertising, ambient, appearance, atmospheric, background, chill, commercial, deep, dreamy, easy listening, emotional, enigma, game, ident, logo, loop, meditative, melodic, moody, mysterious, opening, video game, pop, relaxing, romantic, short, soft, tv, video, website, intro, smooth, introduction, calm, hypnotic, magical, mystical, mellow, uplifting, sweet, tranquil, sexy, serene, sensual, relaxed, medium tempo, guitar, opening logo, slow

Description: Sport Epic Trailer - cinematic dramatic orchestral music. Inspirational epic track with sports energetic melody with orchestra. Powerful, energetic mode – marching into battle or sports victories, brave and heroic. Great for sports or action productions - Olympic Games, competition, epic, thriller, blockbuster. Also for game developers and home video.

Description: Human whistle with ukulele and brass for a spot

Description: Whistling and ukulele, mandolin, bass, percussion, and organ.

Description: Merry jingle with whistle percussion guitars and bass whistling in the shower.

Description: A whistle jingle modern spots

Description: ukulele intro and then brass, guitars and drums. summer atmosphere of joy, mexico and Caribbean islands

Description: Allegro whistled jingle sympathy

Description: short jingle easy listening cheerful cheer for advertising and short tutorials to monetize on youtube- underneath for short commecial video clips