Description: This is an upbeat and uplifting track with an elegant tech - corporate mood. It features strings, piano, drums, guitars and synthesizers. 90, 60 and 30 seconds versions available! Thank you for listening!

Description: An upbeat track featuring a smooth guitar and bass. 60 seconds in length with a positive sound

Description: Minimal, contemplative & evaluating, with a warm, happy & positive feel. Light activity scenes with an air of confidence and a touch of anticipation. Perfect for reality television, light corporate visual accompaniment & commercials. Features timeless orchestral pizzicato strings & marimba. Main, underscore 60sec & 30 sec versions

Description: A bright & exciting start evolving & building into an empowering, inspirational & uplifting symphony. The edgy bass is dynamic & powerful, flying violins are triumphant & thrilling, warm cellos are driving, strong & dramatic. Rousing drums are stirring & upbeat. Fun & catchy yet epic & motivational.

Description: Uptempo Eurodance Track, happy and grooving

Description: Romantic piece for ad. advertisement, wedding, loveable, reflective, relaxed, hopeful, sensual, sincere, smooth, soft, sweet, tranquil, travel, wholesome, peaceful, positive, optimistic, light, inspirational, motivational, contemplative, dreamy, easy, elegant, calm, bright, regal, meditative, jewel, jewellery, sterling.

Description: A beautiful serene track featuring acoustic guitar and piano. 60 seconds long

Description: Funny and happy music two step Old Style Christmas Thenmed