Description: Warm Soft Sexy and quiet short music for Spot and Jingle

Description: Prestigious, urgent and authoritative news and current affairs theme. Features strings, horn section, timps, sequencers over a steady beat. Main theme, logo front, middle extended bed, end logo & rhythm bed.

Description: Solo piano plays simple, subtle melody with ringing single notes, progressing to chords in bridge, returning to first part and resolving to fade on final chord. Suggested for scenes of romantic, intimate moments. Also for heartfelt narration, public service announcements. Key of F

Description: The last peaceful light of evening, as the sun sets on a life well lived. Piano and nothing else!

Description: An old school new opening for news telecast on TV

Description: Spanish Flavour Latin Flamenco Style Uptempo track

Description: Watch her play, love her laughter, dry her tears, hold her hand, hear her dreams, dance with her....and call her princess. Piano and nothing else!