Description: Energetic 30 second dance mix of real guitars, real bass, vintage Moog and Prophet synths, organ and drums a la Paul Shaffer’s Late Night band.

Description: Simple piano composition with methodically sequenced synthesizers suggested for underscoring of motivational images, narration and scenes involving waiting or anticipation. Also for depictions of efficiency, progress, assembly line production, transition, time lapse photography. Key of A, 120 bpm

Description: Piano plays bittersweet solo arrangement with uplifting progression to ending resolution.

Description: Bittersweet, melancholy melody played on piano, digital and analogue synths and percussion.

Description: Laid back pop groove with Latin percussion, electric guitars, piano, bass and drums.

Description: Syncopated organ and synthesizer play patterns with bass, beat box and percussion accompaniment.

Description: Sparse piano is accompanied by pizzicato strings and French horn melody similar to arrangement style of Desperate Housewives.

Description: Solo harp plays simple, peaceful, melodic motifs suggested to underscore intimate, romantic scenes. Also for Valentine’s Day ecards, slideshows, instrumental media cues. Key of D

Description: Electric guitar and synth play upbeat melody accompanied by bass guitar, drums, piano, strings and percussion. Suggested for underscoring of positive, progressive, triumphant scenes and energetic, carefree lifestyle sequences, celebrations of accomplishment. Key of E flat

Description: Solo melancholic piano piece, suggested for underscoring of heartfelt narration, scenes of soul searching, solitude, aftermath of tragedy or loss, disaster relief campaigns. Also for sequences involving waiting on critical results i.e. surgery, jury verdicts. Key of C minor

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