Description: Simple piano solo with melancholy feel. 30 second long spot.

Description: Very playful and cheerful JINGLE with distorted guitars, bass and drums. VERY POSITIVE!!!

Description: Solo melancholic piano piece, suggested for underscoring of heartfelt narration, scenes of soul searching, solitude, aftermath of tragedy or loss, disaster relief campaigns. Also for sequences involving waiting on critical results i.e. surgery, jury verdicts. Key of C minor

Description: Flamenco influenced guitar, piano, bass and percussion in laidback arrangement suggested for lounge scenes.

Description: Elated, joyful & infectious happy tune that lifts the spirits. Upbeat, very catchy & rhythmic underscore track, that conjures up children playing happily, warm summer sunshine, and the feeling that it's good to be alive. Perfect for health & lifestyle ads, Kids TV & so much more. Various mixes, 60sec & 30sec cuts

Description: Anticipation music based on the climbing progression heard in baseball stadiums on the old-timey organ

Description: Good ol' "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" loop played on a baseball stadium-style organ with crowd noises

Description: This is my new, really motivational, inspirational, dreamy pop trance logo opening music track (20 sec) with many bright instruments and confident mood – catchy solo, synth bass, exciting rythmical drums, etc…This dance track can be used anywhere – as a musical cosmic background for websites, flash action space games and corporate video presentations, slideshows, radio or tv news etc

Description: Happy-go-lucky, jolly & fun novelty track for dog commercials & cartoons. Features dog fx, piano, xylophone, mute electric guitar, flute, glockenspiel, vocal bass & light percussion. Perfect for commercials for Dog Walking Services, Dog Grooming Parlours, Vets, Pet Stores etc. 30sec with Fx

Description: Welcoming, warm & friendly nu-folk, with a real feelgood vibe. Conjours up visions of long hot sunny days in the countryside, idyllic rustic living, or good wholesome home-made food. Features small ukelele style rhythmic guitars, flutes, glockenspiel & light percussion. Great for family style ads

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