Description: A sweet building symphony of joyful empowering melodies. The soft light innocent grand piano, driving energetic acoustic guitar, confident chimes, cheerful bells, powerful timpani, & hopeful lively strings, make this a positive, determined & sentimental piece. Happy exciting fun collegiate mood.

Description: A bright & exciting start evolving & building into an empowering, inspirational & uplifting symphony. The edgy bass is dynamic & powerful, flying violins are triumphant & thrilling, warm cellos are driving, strong & dramatic. Rousing drums are stirring & upbeat. Fun & catchy yet epic & motivational.

Description: A pulsing dramatic orchestra, mysterious, modern & sophisticated. The pizzicato strings are dangerous, dynamic & careful. The ethereal piano is anxious, forboding & intelligent. The clarinet melody is moody, hypnotic & dark. The electronic drums are urgent urban & textural. Light, clever & classy.

Description: This extreme, fast & heavy piece is dramatic, powerful & intense. The strong grungy synthesiser bass is dangerous, cool & edgy. The rousing industrial percussion & urben drums are determined, driving & mechanical. New pop rock piano big, bold & brave strings. Crazy, urgent, urban, daring & lively.