Description: Percussive cue using drums, percussion and percussive sound design.

Description: Extravagant atmosphere of travel around the world with acoustic accordion guitars and percussion sounds. Positive Groove of Adventure. Memories of travel. Gypsy atmosphere.

Description: upbeat rock and brass band instrumentals

Description: Melodic orchestral composition is perfect for your calm video

Description: a mix of Fx and drums for boat cars trucks train helicopter motorbike 4x4 old subway and submarine

Description: Powerful cinematic piece with piano and orchestral backup. The orchestra gives it more power, an explosive emotion if you will, and takes you on a wonderful epic journey. Will work great with timelapse footage, slideshows, natural wonders and more.

Description: Strings and piano composition, all played at 432 Hz, for a new musical and spiritual experience.

Description: Latin instrumental song, with flamenco guitar. This composition change into electronic ambient music.

Description: A trippy, mysterious track, perfect for any media.

Description: Dramatic and epic orchestral music with lots of tension. Beautiful and romantic, yet dark and apocalyptic. This is music for war footage, battles and more.