Description: Slow, delicate track that builds from a simple organ loop to a large climax featuring strings, bass, guitar, rhodes piano, with some tape distortion. A long slow piece for patient listeners.

Description: non-traditional use of piano and pizzicato strings drive this short, up-tempo piece. also features unusual synth sounds, tabla, djembe.

Description: free-form washed out acoustic with slide blues. all performed on $10 guitar from a memphis junk shop. dark, moody, very original.

Description: this track has all the horror cliches you need. high dissonant strings, sudden percussion hits, lots of distorted guitar. Starts quiet and builds to an intense climax.

Description: Positive-sounding piano arpeggios rise and fall, opening this track with an attention grabbing combo of trumpet, piano, and drums. The second part features an aggressive, minor key, percussive segment, finished out by a longing, searching, slower C section.

Description: Dark bass accompanied by glockenspiel and arpeggiated guitar. Intense and searching, this track feels like someone looking for something.

Description: arranged for orchestra with percussion and wordless vocal. has an eastern flair to it, a march-like section, strong melody, and pizzicato bass.

Description: tight drums locked with bass guitar and classic synths characterize this. ends with a string and percussion section. danceable, perfect for video.