Description: Smooth laid back jazzy instrumental for quiet relaxing or lounge atmosphere. Featuring mesmerizing rhodes, light percussion beat, blending atmospheric sfx, harmon trumpet mute. Nice for elegant radio or tv commercials or instructional DVD.

Description: Defiant sounding cinematic instrumental with sweeping pads, cools beats and racing hi-hats. Gives a feeling of power and determination. Or emphasize honor for military duty in a cool way. Gives the same edgy feel as the intro scene to "Top Gun".

Description: Grimy instrumental hip-hop beats. Eerie melodies mixed with percussion give this track a slow bounce feel. Production music for themes dealing with dark drama, haunting, intimidation, evil plots or scary scenarios. Sounds like RZA. (stinger available)

Description: Trippy melodic Hip-Hop instrumental loop. Harps mixed with mysterious wind chime effects and dirty south trap style beats. Potential use includes background music for documentaries, complicated relationships, adult fantasies, intimacy, closing credits and more. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Smooth chilled out jazzy tune with acoustic instruments and groovy bass line and a hint of oriental flavor. Appealing to 30-something crowd, grown and sexy audience, corporate events, automobile commercials, lounge setting, bars, voice over, music beds and more.

Description: A mix of R&B and Groove style music complete with enchanting strings, 808 bass, horns, perky percussion and Sitar. Conveys a feeling of not ever having enough time; Business professionals working long hours; daydreaming. Or useful for radio or television advertisement. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Groovy neo-soul like tunes jamming over a hip-hop beat.

Description: Defiant edgy sounding cinematic instrumental with sweeping pads, cools beats. The piano in this song represents the steps that need to be taken to reach achievement of your goals. Music for people that desire positive change in the world. Power and determination. Volunteering. Or emphasize honor for military duty in a cool way.

Description: Emotional piano solo with space age flowing strings create moments of melancholy, despair, scientific exploration, natural wonders or mourning.

Description: Reflective underscore muzak track with acid jazz feeling. Envokes deep thought, everyday struggle, and hopes of finding your way in life.

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