Description: Cool and suspenseful track with orcestral arrangement and instruments. Fun, actionpacked and sneaky, it sets the right vibe for the chase. The track is loopable (160bpm).

Description: proud , romantic , political , military , full orchestra.

Description: non-traditional use of piano and pizzicato strings drive this short, up-tempo piece. also features unusual synth sounds, tabla, djembe.

Description: "Typical ""Spaghetti Western"" theme with orchestra and voices and even a whistler ".

Description: paints a warm, homey feel of the christmas season. style is similar to bing crosby's.

Description: Proud and strong American theme featuring horns and rhythm.

Description: Dramatic, militaristic theme with orchestra.

Description: acoustic guitar instrumental version of traditional christmas melody.

Description: free-form washed out acoustic with slide blues. all performed on $10 guitar from a memphis junk shop. dark, moody, very original.

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