Description: Rock Pop Electronic New Age Industrial Moderate Medium Up-tempo Positive Confident Strong Strength Dignified Proud Synthesizer Drums Bass French horn Strings Percussion Morning Travelling Moving American Industry Politics Elections Television TV Radio Advertizing Panorama.

Description: Ascending repititions of Charge! into the famous theme played on ball.

Description: Orchestral Transition Quick Fast Human Happy Raucous Humorous Funny Heroic Brass Horns Strings Percussion Orchestra Comic Comedy American Hollywood.

Description: Electric piano, gospel organ, and orchestral version of the classic.

Description: Determined, militaristic theme with orchestra.

Description: Gentle electric piano/synth version of the patriotic classic.

Description: Gentle electric piano only version of the patriotic classic.

Description: Extension of ww100085, coming to a heavenly conclusion.

Description: An army of orthodontists this way comes!.

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