Description: Dark evil Sci-Fi soundtrack. mysterious ominous music for thriller or horror. Build up for the crime scene. Creepy thrills & chills! Ambient track with string orchestra and didgeridoo. Ramped up horror, chilling strings and effects. Alien nightmare, fear, thriller, murdering. Loopable Dark, Evil, Horror, Scary, Mysterious, Dangerous, Ambient, Confused, Ominous, Strange, space, Thrilling, Sinister, Worried, Eerie, Creepy, Mean, cinematic, background, evil, Foreboding, Anguished, Restless, Sci Fi, Occult, soundtrack, Threatening, ambience, underscore, thriller, spooky, crime, soundscape, mystical, haunting, suspenseful, exciting, tension, tense, panic, frightening, terror slow tempo

Description: Acoustic guitar with a positive optimistic feeling. acoustic, guitar, looping, folksy, happy, acoustic guitar achievement, beautiful, elegant, optimistic acoustic guitar calm, discovery, broadcasting, commercials, business, tv, promo, promotional, uplifting, reflective, reflection, soundtrack, background, underscore, positive, proud, soft, peaceful, light, joyful, videos, inspirational, motivational, motivating, moving, acoustic guitar inspiration, bright, acoustic guitar hopeful, successful, cinematic, slide show, romantic, acoustic guitar easy, slow motion

Description: Acoustic guitar tune with a positive feeling. Laid back, folksy and downhome. acoustic, guitar, looping, folksy, happy, Positive, wholesome, pretty, sweet, slow, motion, light, hopeful, reflective, Beautiful, Atmospheric, folk, song, relaxed, warm, peaceful, laid, back, soft, easy, advertisement, corporate, commercials, presentation, promotion, Modern, Contemporary, motivating, Motivational, Uplifting, Hopeful, optimistic, positive, successful, uplifting, inspiring, inspirational, Confident, achievement, sunset

Description: Action Trailer cue for military movie, war documentary or reality TV show. Bold heroic winning & triumphant. Menu music in a fps game, loopable. Call of duty, Battlefield. Dark build up with drums and rhythmic strings. War preparation. A slow pad with dramatic strings rhythmic big drums.