Description: Futuristic, positive & uplifting light industrial underscore. Very Hi-Tech & electronic. Features warm swelling synth pads over moving sequencer phrases alongside a steady beat. Perfect for technology showcase, science, latest electronics, to conference & awards. Main mix, 60sec & 30sec versions.

Description: Fast and frantic, techno and ravey extreme sport theme. Features house chords and dance synths. Main mix, 60 and 30sec versions

Description: All set for Summer. Quirky and distinctive with a light, bright and breezy vibe. Long hot summer days, enjoying wholesome picnics in the sunshine. Features pots and bowls sounds as musical instruments, making this ideal for healthy food related products. Composed specially for radio and TV advert. 60sec and 30sec full and potless mixes

Description: Kind, carefree and summery acoustic guitar underscore. Light and easy, but with pace, perfect for family, wholesome food products and outdoor summer event promos. Features acoustic guitars with light percussion and re-occurring logos. Specially composed for radio and television commercials. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Big dramatic orchestral riser. Very sinister and foreboding, dark and scary, with a real sense of danger. Features big cinematic drums, powerful brass and strings, bowed cymbal scrapes. Perfect for dramatic trailers, drama, documentary, or make your radio and TV commercials sound massive. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Hypnotic, modern trip-hop dance beats with chopped vocals and vocoder. Features a strong revolving piano groove with powerful synth bass and electronic textures. Great for visuals creating movement and pace, also for corporate, documentary, commercials and backgrounds. Main mix, underscore, stripped mix, 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Hypnotic, multi-layered, evolving & interweaving corporate piano underscore. Contemporary & repetitive, thought provoking & contemplative. This busy, gently mechanical theme is the perfect accompaniment for corporate audio visuals for technical, movement & pace. Also TV Documentary. Main, Underscore, 60sec & 30sec

Description: Electro dance beats to the Max! Mid tempo, insistent clubby dance with a darker sleazier side, perfect for steamy adult entertainment. Also great for cutting edge fashion with attitude - very contemporary. Underscore version ideal for technical voice-over scripts 7 cutting edge Audio Visuals. Also full mix, underscore, 2 x 30sec & loop versions

Description: Energising, punchy & rugged pop-rock anthem. Upbeat, fast chugging electric guitars, screaming powerful lead & driving rock drums. Great for those manly, fast action, powerful car or male product style ads, extreme sports & Audio visuals. 60sec & 30sec versions