Description: Serene and caring track with piano lead.

Description: A very light and frolicking tune perfect for children playing outdoor games on a summer's eve featuring piano, marimba, guitar, strings, cellos, french horn and electric piano.

Description: A motivated bell track, conveying motion and speed. Whether for a presentation or documentary, it will lend movement to your concept or work.

Description: Busy & upbeat rhythmic electronic groove, with a gentle ambient & mechanical feel. Perfect for science, technology, light industry, business & infomercials. Features synth sequencer patterns & rhythms, ambient piano, electric bass & keyboards. Main mix, 60sec underscore versions

Description: The great motivational and uplifting track with pumping rhythm, features piano, synths, bouncy bass and hand claps. Perfect for inspirational, promotional videos, commercials, and much more.

Description: Feel-good, positive, inspirational and uplifting track with a subtle corporate feel. Starts with piano pattern and swells to main theme featuring rhythmic strings, french horn, piano, acoustic Guitar, electric guitar. Great for events, presentations, awards. Main mix, u/score, 60, 30 and 12sec

Description: Uplifting electronica with Indian and Eastern overtones

Description: A bouncy and playful ambient groove track featuring a catchy synthesizer melody over a tight and modern upright bass, electric piano and drum beat. Posh track for multimedia productions, tv, film, radio, airplay, in house, gaming, advertisements.

Description: Elated, joyful & infectious happy tune that lifts the spirits. Upbeat, very catchy & rhythmic underscore track, that conjures up children playing happily, warm summer sunshine, and the feeling that its good to be alive. Perfect for health & lifestyle ads, Kids TV & so much more. Various mixes main, 60, 30sec

Description: Underscore version of Hybrid Orchestral Rock. Works well for an urban dystopia scenario, a chase scene at night, etc. Ends with a glass shatter sound.