Description: Ambitious, big and expansive, corporate pop. Has a really positive, uplifting feel, easy to voice-over and gradually builds. Great for business presentations, company audio visuals, inspirational award ceremonies, ads etc. Features guitars, drum kit plus strings and horn section. Lighter mixes too

Description: Bright, uplifting dance pop. Perfect for radio and TV commercials, this pop underscore has a strong positive beat with punctuation stabs and modern glitch effects. Starts with a attention grabbing stab, then riser fx, into the main full driving beat. Ends with a riser and logo - various mixes 60sec and 30sec

Description: Military march in the style of Sousa and British Pathe News. Fast March indicative of the short news reel films which were shown at cinemas in the UK between 1910 and 1970 before the main feature. Shortwave and Medium wave mixes are supplied for an authentic archive sound, as well as the clean mixes. 60sec and 30sec

Description: Light news, business or hi-tech. Opens with considered steady light arps, in a more serious tone and gradually builds with percussion and sweeping strings to a positive uplifting conclusion. Perfect for Radio & Television commercials for financial services, legal services etc., plus TV documentary. 60sec and 30sec full and light versions

Description: Powerful, undulating, low synth drone. Opens with a soft hitting boom, sliding into a gently throbbing bass drone. Great for production, underscoring a voice-over where no melody or rhythm is required, and visuals. Can be used with additional percussion hits and production effects. Extendable

Description: Kind, carefree and summery acoustic guitar underscore. Light and easy, but with pace, perfect for family, wholesome food products and outdoor summer event promos. Features acoustic guitars with light percussion and re-occurring logos. Specially composed for radio and television commercials. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Sexy, raunchy and grungy, but cool, laid-back and sophistication with a sensual vibe. A whole lot of luxury served up in a satin wrap. Perfect for advertising gifts and products depicting a more opulent lifestyle, or high-class shopping documentary or drama. Available as full mixes and underscores 60s and 30s

Description: Happy, wholesome and uplifting. A light, rhythmic insight in to a busy day, full of energy when life is good. Gradually builds to a light and breezy underscore, perfect for Radio and TV commercials. Great for financial, insurance, pensions through to family life, health and food products. 60sec and 30sec versions with and without vocals

Description: Epic, driving and powerful - Superhero, Mr Untouchable, to the rescue. Very cinematic, featuring big drums and brass with a driving beat and orchestral effects. Great for spoof commercials through to drama, comedy and TV reality. Use the underscores for complimenting rhythm tracks with drum and fx. 60 and 30sec main and underscore versions

Description: Warm, inviting and rhythmic minimalist commercial. Opens with a solo pizzicato string motif, building to a light family friendly, soft Calypso feel. Great for children, family, wholesome healthy food products and professional services. Radio and television commercial in 60sec and 30sec versions.