Description: Light and mellow, yet positive and uplifting rolling travelogue style theme. Features finger picked acoustics guitars, piano, pads and bells. Great for Background, Aircraft, Waiting rooms, Informercials, Telephone on-hold systems etc., Main mix, underscore, 60 and 30 versions

Description: Chill out music with simple and popular chord progressions, layered with mandolins, muted guitars and strings. Background music for office/graphics/etc presentations.

Description: Laid back and relaxed track with swirly guitars, double bass, drums, and texture soundscapes. Very liberating and cool to use for extreme sports such as surfing, snowboarding, parachuting, skateboarding and more.

Description: A bouncy and playful ambient groove track featuring a catchy synthesizer melody over a tight and modern upright bass, electric piano and drum beat. Posh track for multimedia productions, tv, film, radio, airplay, in house, gaming, advertisements.

Description: Exciting, driving, long-form track that can be easily edited or extended to fit the dynamics of a scene, promo piece, or credits sequence. Features drums, synthesizers, horns, bass, cymbals.

Description: A warm track whos bells, piano, and choir still manage to convey the sense of winter and cold. Also suitable for documentaries and presentations of a philosophical nature.

Description: A motivated bell track, conveying motion and speed. Whether for a presentation or documentary, it will lend movement to your concept or work.

Description: Instrumental pop music ideal for company profile video etc.

Description: Serene and caring track with piano lead.

Description: The great motivational and uplifting track with pumping rhythm, features piano, synths, bouncy bass and hand claps. Perfect for inspirational, promotional videos, commercials, and much more.