Description: A very light and frolicking tune perfect for children playing outdoor games on a summer's eve featuring piano, marimba, guitar, strings, cellos, french horn and electric piano.

Description: Busy & upbeat rhythmic electronic groove, with a gentle ambient & mechanical feel. Perfect for science, technology, light industry, business & infomercials. Features synth sequencer patterns & rhythms, ambient piano, electric bass & keyboards. Main mix, 60sec underscore versions

Description: Modern, easy-going and forward pushing. This track has a corprate, technology and scientific, yet relaxed feel. Features electric guitars, piano, synths, electric bass & electronic drums. Some mixes have digital data fx. Excellent for technical voice-over scripts. Various mixes available

Description: High octane, full-on, energy-fueled, heavy & pumping fast action track. Full of heavy electric fuzz guitars, sequenced synth bass, modern synths & contemporary drum sounds. Perfect for fast chase action, extreme sports, races, motor sport. Main mix plus underscore version & 30sec cut. PLAY IT LOUD!

Description: Positive, bright & uplifting electronic light theme. Has a modern busy corporate pop feel, with interesting rhythmic synth-sequencer patterns flowing and interweaving together. Great for Telephone On-Hold, Multimedia, Lighter Technical, Design, Factual and TV Reality. Main, Underscore & 30sec mixes

Description: Dance track for motivational settings. Inspiring and confident. If you want you can do it. Trust yourself and be confident. Cool, Groovy, corporate, advertisment, commercials, presentation, promotion, Purposeful, Delicate, Beautiful, Elegant, motivating, Motivational, Uplifting, Hopeful, optimistic, positive, successful, uplifting, inspiring, inspirational, Confident, achievement, Intelligent, sweeping, calm, Peaceful, relaxed, reflective, tranquil, dreamy, sweet, soundtrack, background, bright, smooth, tender, romantic, romance, love, sensual, soft, passionate, wholesome driving, dancing, bouncy, sophisticated

Description: Expansive & dramatic opening fanfare into triumphant, powerful & uplifting Olympic style theme. A true winner, featuring brass, strings, male choir, cinematic drums & sequencers. Perfect for sports, Corporate and corporate presentations. Main mix, fanfare, theme, underscore & end cuts.

Description: Strident electro tango groove. Confident and motivational, suitable for corporate promo.

Description: Uplifting electronica with Indian and Eastern overtones

Description: Hybrid Orchestral Electro Rock track. Dark, dramatic, works well for mood build in an action sequence.