Description: military marching beat stinger with fade. 18 seconds.

Description: this piece was originally written to accompany shots of someone on a bike. it denotes movement. very well.

Description: christmas instrumental-a wood in narnia.

Description: Bluesy version of America the Beautiful without Ray Charles.

Description: This cinematic track portrays the ominous march of an approaching evil army, looming closer with imminent terror.

Description: Rock Pop Electronic New Age Industrial Moderate Medium Up-tempo Positive Confident Strong Strength Dignified Proud Synthesizer Drums Bass French horn Strings Percussion Morning Travelling Moving American Industry Politics Elections Television TV Radio Advertizing Panorama.

Description: Spot, Drama Orchestral Industrial Moderate Medium Determined Resolute Heroic Confident Strong Strength Triumphant Proud Serious Intense Piano Drums Bass Brass Horns French horn Strings Percussion Timpani Orchestra Action Suspense Tension Background War Militarism Intro Travelling European American Industry Television TV Radio Movies Panorama Television TV Radio Advertizing Business.