Description: This is a jazz blues instrumental made to sound very old and scratchy as on a gramaphone phonograph.I wrote and recorded it on reel to reel in the seventies.It faded a lot so didnt want to waste it.Ideal for nostalgic cues.

Description: O Little Town of Bethlehem is a popular Christmas carol. The text was written by Phillips Brooks (1835–1893), an Episcopal priest. Here it is done in a reverent and traditional arrangement with flute, harp, choir, oboe, and string section giving it a classic and respectful feeling suitable for commercial and live applications. 106 bpm

Description: Military, Active, Action, Adventure, Anticipation, Bold, Broad, Dangerous, Dramatic, Driving, Percussive, in a Powerful, Confident mood, featuring Drums, Snare, Percussion, Strings, Brass, with a Fast tempo

Description: A deep, reflective, hypnotic guitar piece.

Description: Cinema, Drama, Light, Peaceful, Poignant, Relaxed, Sentimental, Uplifting, Happy, Heavenly, in a Sensitive, Poignant mood, featuring Piano, Synth, with a Slow tempo

Description: Evocative piano and strings, warm and emotional, very pensive and moving. Perfect for underscore and has a dreamlike element. The orchestral strings sit underneath the track with a haunting female voice choir, perfect for life changing moments. Good commercial underscore as will compliment a voiceover

Description: A descriptive piece evocative of the conflicts between human greed and the unalterable essence of nature. Strings show the way into an unspoilt world, where we hear the sounds of nature and tribalism. All hell breaks loose before an inspiring ending seems to suggest that despite human's evil threat, nature's essence remains forever unthreatened.

Description: Expansive & dramatic opening fanfare into triumphant, powerful & uplifting Olympic style theme. A true winner, featuring brass, strings, male choir, cinematic drums & sequencers. Perfect for sports, Corporate and corporate presentations. Main mix, fanfare, theme, underscore & end cuts.

Description: Military, Marches, Patriotic, Political, in a Positive mood, featuring Flute, Synth, Drums, Snare, with a Mid tempo

Description: Acoustic guitar playing a fun, whimsical and simple cue with light accompaniment.