Description: christmas instrumental featuring trumpet.

Description: This sound-alike piece to Moby's' Extreme Ways' takes you through the raw and melancholic emotions affiliated with being lost and trying to find your way.

Description: Creepy electronic track with insect sounds and a steamy urban mystery atmosphere, later leading to a frenetic midtempo electro-synth composition.

Description: Rock Specialty Vocals Americana Guitar Vocal Electric Male Mid

Description: An orchestral western style theme. A lone cowboy bent on revenge. Its mellow beginning slowly winds its way up to a dramatic climax. Great for use in film , TV, advertising and video games.

Description: Nostalgic, slow, deliberate, unsure, searching, feeling for the way, meandering

Description: Deep, lost in thought, sortiing out the issues, wistful, rough patch

Description: Military, Mission Music, Determined

Description: Sneaky and darkly pensive fast tempo orchestral underscore for drama or dark mystery. Perhaps crime scene investigation, criminal activity, lurking danger. Suitable for documentary, film score, TV drama or nervous tense moments of reality show etc