Description: Americana, Patriotic, Positive, Political, in a Majestic, Prestigious, Reflective mood, featuring French Horn, with a Slow tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Poignant, Uplifting, Warm, Nostalgic, in a Emotional, Poignant mood, featuring Guitar, with a Slow tempo

Description: Slow solo piano piece reflecting grief or unrest. Suggested for intimate scenes of loneliness, sympathy or serious narrative.

Description: Drama, New Age, Tender, Reflective, Sentimental, Dreary, Gentle, Sparse, Soft, Simple, Retrospective, Peaceful, Melancholy, Poignant, in a Emotional, Reflective, Sensitive, Poignant, Sad mood, featuring Piano, Electric, with a Slow, Very Slow tempo

Description: special “grit” version of this popular orchestral fanfare track includes electric rock guitar for a hybrid contemporary promo, perfect for sports or achievement mood.

Description: Stereotypical country style track featuring honky tonk piano, acoustic guitar and harmonica. The track starts fairly agricultural then develops into a more loose, lively dance jig as the piano kicks in. Very useful for comedy, animation or country and western projects.

Description: Epic orchestral trailer music, regal majestic piece for fantasy film, game or Anime. Starts with guitar, pad and a rhythmic string section and a beautiful longing sad violin melody. The beginning of Adventurous ride. big, epic, Heroic, powerful, Cinematic, Majestic, soundtrack, Forceful, Sad, Emotional, Glorious, Driving, Marching, inspirational, reflective, mysterious, action, adventure, Dramatic, Uplifting, Regal, Magical, Dynamic, Atmospheric, Proud, Triumphant, Adventurous, Pulsating, fantasy, patriotic, grand, romantic, trailer, awesome, pounding, medieval, victorious, hollywood, proud, thrilling, exciting, background, blockbuster, strong, medium tempo

Description: This is a Powerful Epic Dramatic Cinematic Battle Scene Trailer logo short music track with exciting sound. Track contain different bright instuments – big war battle drums, violins, cello, live bass, fx, choirs, strings, brass, cymbal, electric guitar, synths etc…This track can be used anywhere – in war games and movies, documentary scientific films, as a movie trailer or epic, adventure music for website background..