Description: Industrious, rhythmic and productive light orchestral dramedy. With a mechanical or clock ticking effect, this track works well accompanying movement and maybe slightly mundane activity. Perfect for dramedy or TV reality cooking, baking, sewing, craft style programming. Various mixes & cuts including 60, 30 & sting

Description: Light and acoustic with earthy mandolin and bluegrass style fiddle create a determined mood.

Description: Active Driving Powerful Brass Drums

Description: Laidback and light Christmas music with a Jazzy swing feel in the style of Vince Guaraldi creates a carefree mood.

Description: This is romantic and carefree melody that I played on Acoustic Guitar. It has some Spanish mood in it.

Description: Stately march, medium orchestration, salutes armed forces with mini-arrangements.

Description: Cool and suspenseful track with orcestral arrangement and instruments. Fun, actionpacked and sneaky, it sets the right vibe for the chase. The track is loopable (160bpm).

Description: Light Campy Fun Fun Happy Playful

Description: Human Emotions, Drama, Muzak, Delicate, Reflective, Tender, Warm, Ballad, Pleasant, Sentimental, Poignant, Flowing, Expressive, Gentle, Dramatic, Sensual, Passionate, Sad, Melancholy, Swirling, Panoramic, Simple, Romantic, Relaxed, Beautiful, in a Poignant, Reflective, Sensitive, Emotional, Heartwarming, Romantic mood, featuring Guitar, Piano, Synth, with a Medium tempo