Description: Orchestral string music that is serious, driving and dramatic, with a military flare.

Description: Happy-go-lucky, warm, shuffling, swing and laid-back original Christmas commercial jingle. Has a bit if a retro Beach Boys feel. Features brush kit, bells, vocal backing, piano, flugel horn. Perfect for ALL festive uses from Commercials to e-xmas cards. Main 60sec & 30sec versions.

Description: Drama, Reflective, Beautiful, Delicate, Tender, Sentimental, Peaceful, Ballad, Flowing, Poignant, Melodrama, Melancholy, Mysterious, in a Emotional, Reflective, Mysterious, Poignant, Sad mood, featuring Piano, Acoustic, Strings, with a Slow tempo

Description: Drama, Ballad, Delicate, Gentle, Tender, Soft, Simple, Peaceful, Mellow, Beautiful, Reflective, Sparse, Poignant, Expressive, in a Emotional, Reflective, Poignant, Sad mood, featuring Piano, with a Slow tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Fantasy, Marches, Broad, Majestic, Patriotic, Determined, Political, in a Confident, Adventurous, Aggressive mood, featuring Orchestra, with a Fast tempo

Description: Fanfares, Prestigious, Majestic, Political, in a Majestic, Prestigious mood, featuring Trumpet, with a Mid tempo

Description: Bright simple piano chords and distant chimes create a simplistic melody useful to promote products such as a new product on the market which is simplistic and modern such as a tablet, cell phone or phone app. Very useful for financial advertising in particular and can also very useful for love, romance or emotional film production scenes.

Description: Historic, Historic-Medieval, Specialty, Classical, Classical-Renaissance, Adventure, Regional, Ethnic, International, Majestic, Traveling, Airy, Beautiful, Peaceful, Passionate, Light, Exotic, Expressive, Simple, Romantic, Gentle, Wordly, in a Adventurous, Mysterious, Reflective mood, featuring Flute, Ethnic, Guitar, Acoustic, Pan, with a Mid tempo

Description: Relaxed playful happy guitar with a medieval feeling for different productions. acoustic, guitar, tv, beautiful, Tender, innocent, Sweet Bright Kids Music Renaissance elegant playful positive early Music Friendly Happy Joyful Playful Romantic Hopeful Carefree Magical Beautiful Cheerful Elegant Animation Childish Free Innocent Intelligent lullaby inspirational magic amine background fairy tale medieval relaxed contemplative underscore cartoon children childrens music baroque medium tempo