Description: Popular Christmas tune with strings and woodwind. Pleasant, gentle arrangment. Festive and joyful.

Description: christmas instrumental featuring trumpet and piano.

Description: Original Christmas-style theme with catchy bell melody, soft strings and light percussion. Childish, innocent and festive atmosphere.

Description: Original Christmas theme with piano, bells and lush strings. Light, innocent, peaceful and festive.

Description: Bright simple piano chords and distant chimes create a simplistic melody useful to promote products such as a new product on the market which is simplistic and modern such as a tablet, cell phone or phone app. Very useful for financial advertising in particular and can also very useful for love, romance or emotional film production scenes.

Description: a happy mood is created here with and really hits the target. 30 sec. version.

Description: "Circus ala Sketch" is a musical journey into the dark and twisted world of an evil carnival.

Description: bell and harp-like keyboards with angelic choir.

Description: Original Christmas theme with catchy bell melody, lush synths and upbeat percussion/bass. Festive, childish and fun.