Description: Warm and inviting cool groove featuring electric guitar riffs, organ, synth and mellotron. Great for background music, on hold music. Main mix, u/score, 60, 40, 30, 30alt, 12 sec versions

Description: Slow, sparse, eerie, desolate atmosphere featuring mournful cello, distant piano and wind fx. Great for a range of uses from human emotion to natural world documentary. Main mix, plus 60 and 30 sec versions

Description: A dramatic underscore for serious, dark and tension filled moments. Good for horror or dramatic projects.

Description: Acoustic guitar forms the basis of this positive and optimistic track.

Description: World middle east prayer worship desert ancient ritual.

Description: Holiday, Christmas, Classical, Public Domain, Light, Underscore, Twisted, Seasonal, Sparse, Chillout, Unique, Nostalgic, Electronic

Description: Soundtrack, Action, Orchestral, Light, Uplifting, Underscore, Cowboy, Western, Traditional, Comedic, Urgent, Mayhem, Busy Work, Cinematic

Description: Warm and sentimental featuring solo acoustic piano creating a reflective mood depicting a patriotic scene.

Description: Percolating, Enchanting, Lifting

Description: Soulful contemp,rhythm and blues