Description: a fun and happy melody that starts with a female vocal over a simple beat. it hits the target. great for commercial use.

Description: a happy mood is created here with and really hits the target. 30 sec. version.

Description: classic army military marching beat on the snare & bass drums.

Description: Popular Christmas classic with piano, bells, percussion and woodwind. Uplifting and festive!

Description: special “grit” version of this popular orchestral fanfare track includes electric rock guitar for a hybrid contemporary promo, perfect for sports or achievement mood.

Description: high energy, orchestral song with strings, horns, and timpani, to create a mood of victory, winning, and overcoming challenging odds.

Description: happy, upbeat, energetic southern-rock influenced piano based song that creates a wonderful music bed for a joyful mood or for voice over music bed.

Description: quirky, contemporary music with solid bass and modern percussion accents supporting a light-hearted world-music melody.

Description: contemporary promo cue with wicked cool beats, bass lines under bouncing electric piano melodies and mysterious vocal chants for a unique urban, totally modern vibe.

Description: this is an instrumental track with a mid tempo beat and a driving guitar. this is a 30 second version.