Description: Modern contemporary background track suitable for video presentations or transitions to provide a stylish, cool, crisp sense of production. Synth electronics and contemporary piano add a slight futuristic feel to the track. Very useful for documentary, video production and portfolio end use.

Description: Mysterious strings and a mixture of ethnic koto instruments provide suspense and intrigue to a tense atmosphere. Dark elements of synths and electronic keyboard lurk in the background in addition to a repetitive finger clicking beat which suggests creeping up, spying or stalking.

Description: Serious Electric guitar chords begin to build a dramatic suspenseful melody as drums and synths are gradually introduced providing a dramatic build to the track adding more volume with subtle cymbal crashes. As each verse lifts in volume, guitar licks gradually become more and more intense as each instrument finally pieces together to create a very modern suspenseful style track elements that suggest murder investigation and crime related scenario.

Description: Clear Synthetic sounds of Acoustic Guitar and crystal like effects create a clean sparkly sensation, with very pleasant atmospheric feel suggesting water drops or crystals.

Description: A warm blend of acoustic guitar and light flute play over swift syths in the background creating a contemporary backing useful for travel or documentary projects.

Description: Distant drum rolls combine with emphatic brass trumpet to create a dramatic and dominant start or build up to something as if it was preparation to something serious which could suggest war, final fight or end scene.

Description: Deep brass instruments play low, serious bass which gradually merges with high pitched atmospheric synthesizers to create an dangerous ending or threatening build up sense.

Description: Acoustic guitar and strings combine with flowing flute to create a feeling of interest. A hint of Harp suggests a slight homely feel or warmth.

Description: Sharp piano licks with strings create serious atmosphere suggesting a crime related scenario.

Description: Fast cowboy theme featuring fiddle and barrelhouse piano. Pleasantly predictable chord changes. Suitable for Western parodies and comedy.